Thank you

To everybody who has donated so far

We at Long Live Southbank would like to give a big thank you to each and every individual and organisation who has given help to the fundraising campaign. However big or small the donation, each and every one is appreciated and all deserve our heartfelt thanks! As LLSB move forward on this journey – we want to offer a public extension of gratitude to the following people and organisations for their collaborations and contributions to the project and helping us to get where we are. In no particular order;

The UK and global skate community, all the many people that make up the LLSB squad, Feed, Nice & Serious, Sidewalk Magazine, Kingpin Magazine, Supreme, adidas Skateboarding, Palace, BrazenBunch, Southbank Centre, Ex Why Zed, Tru Thoughts, Theories of Atlantis, Heni Publishing, Interscope Records, Historic England, NASS, Lovebox, Citadel, Boomtown, Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios, New London Architecture, DKCM, Gavin Watson, Jonathan Manns, Boxpark Shoreditch, the revisionists, Arup, Max Fordham, Free Skate Magazine, Rodney P, Goldie, D*face, Wick+Wax, Audrey, The Planner Magazine, Skate Jawn, Quatersnacks, CommuneDIY, BoardThing, SkatePal, Mayor of London’s Office, Price & Myers, Hoxton Basement, Theobald’s Cap Co, Hold Tight Films, This Brutal House, Rich the Kid, RIBA, Guerrilla Foundation, Vans, Vague Mag, Oli Mould, Louis Koseda, Seb Koseda, Shiner, Vision Nine, The Guardian, Lovenskate, Colliers, Brixton’s Baddest, The Photographers Gallery, Think Culture, Woven Inc, Fabric, Jeremy Nemeth, Chris Allen, The Gonz, Tony Hawk, Eroc the Dog, Peter Murray, Russell Brand, Doc Brown, Loyle Carner, Frank Turner, Jeff Speck, Jules Lubbock, Dawn Noah, Dr Pollyanna Ruiz, Dr Rebecca Magdin, Dr Tim Snelson, Dr David Webb, Zena Edwards, Mike Sani, Facebook, Youth Club Subculture Archives, all of our loyal stockists around the globe and finally a big big thankyou to every person who helps the LLSB crew with its big ambition and tasks and all those who slipped our minds when compiling this list (apologies!).

We would also like to give a huge thank all those who have donated to the fundraiser. However much people are able to give, this is the lifeblood of the campaign. Again in no certain order, our greatest thanks to:

SR Thacker, Jeffrey Harvey, Oli Mould, James Dillamore, Nancy Rhode, Rob Collins, St Clair Massage, Theo Krish, Karen Chung, Tanwen Jones, Ian Cousins, Phyllis Santa Maria, Peter Chater, Paul Chaplin, Niall Behan, Tygar Miles Smith, Abigail Sugden, Nick YBL, B Curwood, Jonathan Brown, Lennie Burmeister, Devin Grovell, Leonie Smith, Henriette Vullers, Rayya Ghul, Quartersnacks, Keith Morrisom, Kenneth Parry-Husbands, Lloyd Crawley, Jonathan Kennedy, Pritpal Tamber, Ben Farrell, Sharon Sanderson, Jude Woodhead, Jennifer Scott-Thompson, Jason Brake, Lee Stammers, Geoff Hiberd, Brigid Bose, Nathanael Valente, Elsie Ofori, Will Lister, Alice Larrter, Thomas Andrews, Fabian Halm, Ron Aslan, Kristin Heuser, Martin Eden, Rayya Ghul, David Robert Holmes, Gareth Wilson, Sandra Leaton Gray, Anna Goss, Richard Zlotnicki, Daniella Betts, Ford Watson, Rebecca Earnshaw, George Popescu- Craiova, Dave Thomson, Joseph Trower, Peter Berrecloth, KA Harris, Tania Doropoulos, Shaun Gladwell, Marlies Benter, Dan Thatcher, Fung Sutch, Nick Clement, Jim Smith, Liam Wallis, Charlotte Crerar, Anaya Paul, Stuart Allen, Helen Xenopoulos, Lino Boga-Rios, T Gunnarsson, Julia Wright, Thomas Cunnings, Rachael Gibson, Paul Feasey, James Suttie, William Weinstein, M D Naylor, Megan Brydie, Maureen Martin, Andrew Griffiths, James Scantlebury, Eleanor Franks, TImothy Stumpff, Stephanie Lewin, Andrew Shapland, Jason Martins, Teresa Forgione, Luke Mattock, Thomas Hancock, Stefanie Seddon, Adam Johnston, Paul Johnston, Elizabeth Morgan, Richard Skinner, LLoyd Crawley, Elliot Evans, Robin Deione, Stephen Byrne, Antonis Schwarz, Wayne Morgan, Carlos Alcaraz, Phil Parsons, Grzegorz Buraczyk, Jose Vadi, Sam Jennings, Leventee Merenyi, Daniel Weir, Artturi Siromaa, Peter Watkins, Brian Wall, K Tucker, James Taylor, David Fullick, Matthew Penman, Dylan Esposito, Graham Davies, Felicity Ling, Katieca Howard, Piers Herron, Duncan Campbell, Olivia Buckle-Wright, Adam Wolfe, A MacDougall, James Pitchley, Alex Seddon, Morgan Gleave Art and Design, Juliun Ryan, P Richards, Max Gray, Charlie Francis, In An Instant, Yoshio Funayama, Florian Sauter, Mike Bennett, Conrad Pack, Andzs Kolosovskis, Frank Kelson, Samuel MacAlpine, George Booth Cole, Nicholas Marshall, Peter Long, Matthew Moore, Claude Martin, Maureen Connelly, George Booth Cole, Jasmine O’Brien, Rebekah Neville, Jonathan Clay, 1968 Film Group, Ben Sheldon, Benjamin Allen, Mike Davies, Aurélie Mandon, Brian James Morton, Jesse Gilner, Walter Long, Florian Engler, Nick Moran, Philippa Green, Federico Moscatellini, Lincoln Blacksley, Fergus Andrew, Prakash Ganesh, Kazimieras Bielskus, Edward Rider, E Akenhead, Patrick Welch, Jamie Padfield, Syed Owais Shafqa, Martin Horntveth, Jolian JC, Julian Collinge, Mark Koopman, Niklas Birkemeyer, David Krolak, Elias Heck, Jason Lee, Ian Pink, Seb Vander, Jamie Gill, Pyry Honkanen, Jaroslaw Pawel Nowicki, Jack Murray Claire Whittaker, Stephen Neale, Extra Medium, Maureen Martin, Irina Doynikova, Laura Griffiths, Markus Schimske, To Be Clothing, Elizabeth Morgan, Thomas Miller, Seb Vander, In An Instant, Liam Smith, Laura Fraser, Ben Pease, P Milosevic, Thomas Brooke, Louis Salter, Vanessa Wilkins, Oh Wow Gallery, Daniel Ball, Tom Ludlow, Giles Thomson, Hannah Simpson, Stil Laden, K B Allan, Daniel Lyne, Ben Stewart, Benjamin Cordier, Tom Ludlow, Giles Thomson, Hannah Simpson, K B Allan, Cyrus Green, David Wyatt, David Stevens, Grant Perrie, Joe Morrison, Eloy Mathis, Wayne Morgan, Nick Jensen, Ryan Jessiman, Edward Koral, Giles Thomson, Cai James, Thelma and Leah, George Gough, CLaire Alleaume, The Lurker Co, Ioannis Kostantopoulos, Thomas Perriment, Marc, Sam Brekenfeld, Andy Rae and every single person who has donated directly on the Southbank table, every single anonymous donor, everyone who has bought product to support the campaign and the many many more who have helped us along the way.

Thank you,
The Long Live Southbank Team