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Hi guys, I passed by today while I was walking home from my shooting at Bank, and I realised what was happening. I am so disappointed. When I first moved to London the Southbank Centre was my favourite place, because it valorised culture, art and innovation.
I don’t really care about skating, I mean, it is not one of my hobbies. But I liked the Southbank skatepark. Later on I also discovered that it was one of the most famous skating platforms of the world.
Today I found out that it is going to be closed. It was like as my heart was breaking in pieces. The Southbank Centre direction could not be so mean and illogical.
Today one of my London’s pillar fell.
This is such a shame. I mean, the Southbank skatepark is part of London’s culture. People from foreign countries come to see it.
Moving it is definitely not the solution.

Thank you for fighting, guys.