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Long Live Southbank’s strength comes from you, the supporters. We have achieved a great deal since we were founded in 2014 and continue to work as stewards and guardians of the Southbank Skate Spot.

We do, however, rely on your support and donations to continue with as much strength as possible.

Here are a collection of ways you can help. Please check this page back regularly, as there may be specific things that we need help on in the following months.

Become a member.

By becoming a member, you give official support to the campaign. There are no fees, you are simply voicing your support of Long Live Southbank and the preservation of the Southbank Undercroft.

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Donations are really important to the campaign. They enable us to maintain our high standard of work, both to preserve the Undercroft and assist other campaigns worldwide.

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Specific Skills.

If there is something specific you think you can bring to the campaign, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us at We would be especially keen to hear from those who have experience designing websites.

Veteran Southbank Skater?

We are also especially keen to speak to people who skated Southbank in the 1970s and 1980s, as there may be specific knowledge, photos and videos you know of that could be a great help to the campaign. Again, you can contact us at


We have recently brought out a new range of t-shirts, with plenty of designs to choose from, including many with artwork by local skateboarders, and all profits going to support out work. You can view all of these at

Upload the below cover to your Facebook wall & show your support to your friends.

Long Live SouthBank Facebook cover

Jenna Appleseed

Thanks to Billy Bragg being a cunt about this I’ve just signed your petition.

Hi Guys. Ive tried contacting you by the ‘contact us’ link but several attempts would not send my message.

I have a couple of ‘polaroid’ style images that I took at the park yesterday afternoon. (See them on my website.)

Is there an email address I can send them to so someone can put them on the ‘instagram’ wall, or wherever.

I cant seem to do it through this ‘contact us’ facility.



james macdonald

southbank is the oldest surviving and one of the most iconic skate spots in the world. skateboarders from all over the globe come to london just to skate southbank and experience the amazing arts and culture that is southbank. History has been made here and to take away something like this would just be destroying an ancient landmark. if the people of the southbank centre were in our shoes they would realise really how important and an influence on some people a place like southbank is

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