Long Live Southbank welcomes anyone who would like to get in touch or get involved. We are very interested in hearing your stories and memories of the Undercroft.

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Long Live Southbank!



Will you be at southbank skatepark tomorow because i want to buy à tshirt

Henry Cook

I bought the llsb adidas shoes and I wanted to know how long the delivery takes?

did you receive your order if so how long did it take?

Hi there LLSB,

Hope you can help us out at Friends of Stockwell Skatepark. We are currently seeking funding from Sport England, and it would help a great deal to have a decent members list to prove support in the application. If you could share something encouraging interested parties to subscribe at: that would be much appreciated!

Many thanks, keep up the good work!

James Thompson

Hi I am trying to purchase a T Shirt which I keep getting directed to PayPal. Can’t seem to see any other way round this.

Myself and husband came to south bank over the weekend and spoke with a guy about what you are planning on doing sounds great. My husband who is now OLD (he thinks he is not) spoke about when he was a kid coming up from sunny cornwall and skating with his brother at South Park. At that time it was the one place that had street cred and skate boarding was just becoming the thing to do. We have some old photos of those times if you would Iike us to send them to you. Prob 40 plus years ago. Keeping this going is so important for those you people of today. Well done.

If you can let me know what to do about the purchase as we would like to support. It’s also a 50th birthday present for a brother who still skates..
Karen knuckey

Will Paypal not let you set up donations via ‘guest’ type payment so that donors don’t have to have or create a PayPal account? This has put me off donating today so I’ll have to find another way to do it so you also get the tax credit.

Hi I’ve tried messaging and email to find out how long an order will take to arrive but I am getting no replies

do you have any images of the south bank before it was closed off into the area you have now

Hey Zack there are a few on this website in blogs and a few over at our facebook and instagram

Hi we placed an order on Sunday night for a jacket and a huddy can you tell me if they have been dispatched please. It is under the name of Darren rich.