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Statement of support from Sxip Shirey

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Sxip Shirey image by Elliott Franks

Image courtesy of Elliott Franks  © all rights reserved

The Southbank Centre and their supporters frequently claim that it is a small group of skaters holding up plans that will benefit the wider Southbank Centre community. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Every day we spend on the petition table, hundreds of members of the Southbank Centre community, glossy programmes in hand, come to sign up. Sxip Shirey, Music Director for Limbo at the Southbank Centre has been an ardent supporter of Long Live Southbank for months, frequently showing us support on Twitter. Now, he has written this statement of support:

‘There are places in every city that the residents bemoan don’t exist anymore. Places that made the city unique and special. The story is always the same, they were razed to create more apartments or commercial space or a new building that is not as functional as the old. The people who destroyed them look like historical idiots. The question is always “Why did we let them take that away from our city?”  The Southbank skate spot is one of those places. 

When I went to London for the first time and then to South Bank, it was the skate spot that impressed me. The fact that the Royal National Theatre and the skate park were right next to each other said something great about this city. Great art evolves from the street first and this was a beautiful nod to just that.”

Sxip Shirey is a composer and producer from New York City, and Music Director for LIMBO at the Southbank Centre and in Syndey, Bogota, Paris and Brooklyn.


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Kids-at-South-Bank-ModernToday we received a copy of a letter from Tony Hawk, the most prominent voice in modern skateboarding and unarguably the most famous skateboarder of all time. In his letter to Mike McCarty at the Southbank Centre, Tony expresses his support for the Long Live Southbank Campaign and highlights how it has become as iconic a location for Skateboarders as Big Ben and London Bridge is to non-skate faring tourists in London.

He says: “I support the Long Live Southbank campaign and its goal to preserve the infamous skate spot. Destroying or even altering the banks would erase an important part of London and UK skateboarding history… I urge you to please preserve the integrity of Southbank, a sanctuary for skateboarders, and am important piece of London history.”

The letter’s already had a massive reaction on our Twitter and Facebook pages, and we, and all of our supporters, are extremely grateful for Tony taking the time to show his support.

As a result of this, we feel our campaign, which is already backed by 40,000 dedicated supporters, has become an internationally renowned movement, demonstrating even further the importance of the Southbank.

We hope to build further momentum and spread the word even further and promote the campaign to ensure the legacy of Southbank lives on for future generations.

Long Live Southbank!