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Recent Long Live Southbank Videos

Apologies for the lack of updates to this page. Over the last few months we have released a number of videos, increasing the pressure on the Southbank Centre to sign the deal guaranteeing the future of the space and then eventually celebrating the success of the campaign. To stay fully update with all future LLSB video output, head over to our youtube.

In May brought together the UK skate scene to celebrate one year of Long Live Southbank. The Jam was one of the most memorable days of the campaign – our video effort can be seen here.

Yet more international support came in, this time from Tas Pappas.

We then released a 5 minuet film featuring interviews with all sorts of members of the local community, highlighting the importance of real culture, as opposed to a city based purely around money and consumption. The film is free to watch here.

It wasn’t always easy. Here is a video of a chance encounter, showing the sorts of opinions we occasionally encountered along the way.

Then the deal was signed and it was celebration time. Henry Edwards-Wood put together a recap of our journey over the last 17 months, featuring skating from a wide range of locals and sponsored heads.

To celebrate Southbank’s long term safety, we threw the Southbank Forever Celebration Jam. Here is a video capturing much of the days action.

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