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The Restoration Fundraiser Has Been Launched!!

Big news from Long Live Southbank today… we’re rolling, and one step closer to restoring one of the most legendary spaces in skateboarding history! It has taken a tremendous amount of hard work from a lot of people to get us to where we are, so many thanks! We’ll be sure to thank you all, we really could not have done it without you.

We’re excited to say that planning permission has now been granted and, together with Southbank Centre, fundraising has commenced to restore sections of the Undercroft last skated in 2004. This is hugely important for skateboarders all around the world who look to Southbank for inspiration, for London’s cultural integrity, which needs somewhere like Southbank in the very heart of the city and for the local creatives who learn so much from such an inspiring free creative space with such a diverse and nurturing community.

Mark Gonzales Hippy Jump at Southbank, 1994. Photo by Skin Phillips
The Long Live Southbank family in the space to be restored, 2017. Photo by Fionn Hutton.

There is an incredible future to be created, and plenty you can do to make it happen. Donations are really important. You can make them at www.llsbdonate.com, and view a great set of rewards, from skateboarding lessons to limited photographic prints. Together with Southbank Centre, LLSB are responsible for raising the £790,000 required to restore the space and create a new schools and young people’s HQ adjacently. This is a huge task, and one we are relishing.

Long Live Southbank have a great deal planned for the summer of fundraising, including high profile art and photography shows and involvement at some of the UK’s top festivals.

Sign up to stay updated and join our 150,000 members at www.llsb.com. We can embark on the next phase of this journey all together!

James Parry Jones skating a DIY extension on the banks subject to the fundraiser. Photo by Rob Ashby

And stay in touch! If you have an idea for a fundraising event, think that there is somebody we really ought to speak to or just want to learn more about the campaign, you can email us at hello@llsb.com.

Whether you skate or not, this campaign is hugely important for the cultural fabric that we all inhabit. There is a huge opportunity to make a real positive change in the city, enriching our cultural life, giving young people the space to develop creatively and providing a much needed sense of community for us all. So donate if you are able, tell your friends and tell your family. Spread the word and let’s make this happen!

With all our thanks

The Long Live Southbank Family