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Young People Get Politically Active in the Campaign to Save Southbank

On the 4th of July 2013 the Long Live Southbank team with the help of regular users of the Undercroft delivered over 12,000 individual objection forms via skateboard to Lambeth Town Hall. These forms had been collected over three months of solid hard work and determination by all involved with the aim to spread the word and gain as much support from the public as possible. The campaign has been an incredibly positive influence as it has enabled young people to become politically engaged and it has also provided a feeling that a change can be made if we work together. Here spokesman Henry Edwards-Wood expresses his thanks for all the support the campaign has received and all the effort that everyone has put into the cause.

Following the delivery of the objection forms the Southbank Centre was granted further time by Lambeth Council to enable them to find the ‘very best balance of opportunities for current and future generations’. We see this as a positive step as we have proven to the Southbank Centre that we are a united force with the support of the local community and general public. However, it is not over and we need to continue to raise awareness and gain support so that these plans do not continue. What would be really disheartening is if these young people, who have become politically active through peaceful and engaged protesting and campaigning, are ignored.

Long Live Southbank!