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RADBMX 2015 London Summer Rideout

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RADBMX  London Rideout 2014 at Southbank. Image by John ‘Griff’ Griffin       
As RADBMX get set to push off on their ‘RADBMX 2015 London Summer Rideout’ this Saturday 6th June, we catch up with Griff, one of the organisers, to get a heads up.. 

How’s it all looking for Saturday’s ride?   
The date was set last October, so people have been planning and looking forward to this for some time now! So far the weather forecast for Saturday is looking great too, so I expect we’ll get a decent turnout        
There have been a few London rides, how long has radbmx.co.uk been running?        
The radbmx.co.uk forum has been going since 2004, there are members’ rides and late-night skatepark lock-ins most weekends somewhere in the UK nowadays, but as far as London goes the first big one was in 2007 for Children in Need        
You get some pretty rad old school classic bikes taking part, must be sick to see them all in one place?              
It certainly is – some of them have taken years of patience and dedication to complete so it’s amazing to see them all getting ridden instead of just hanging on a wall!


1535701_440421139420208_23533262_n (1)RADBMX  London Rideout 2014 at Southbank. Image by John ‘Griff’ Griffin


Yeah, and people come from all over to join the ride, whereabouts are people from and whats the furthest place people have come from?


They’re spread out all over the place – apart from London and surrounding counties, we have a large crowd coming from the North this time (Manchester, Yorkshire and beyond) also the South coast. Awaiting confirmation of a visitor from Germany too!


The global family! The route always includes a little pilgrimage to Southbank which is banging, how important is that stop to you and the other riders?  


Southbank is one of my favourite stops on the route – to see a place like that preserved among all the surrounding gentrification is pretty special nowadays and people always stop and comment about the bikes. It has a lot of history and is a great spot to grab a few photos!


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Image by John ‘Griff’ Griffin                                                                            Image by John Lewis   
You guys were super supportive of LLSB and the campaign to preserve Southbank, thanks! What is your special moment or memory of SB?               
Still remember the first time I laid eyes on the place and how surprised I was that it even existed, it’s such a cool spot! Really glad that you succeeded in keeping it protected for years to come and if we helped in any way at all that’s fantastic   
It was all about the community coming together for good. You’re also raising money and awareness for St Mark’s hospital in London,  tell us about that…               
Pickle (one of the guys that helps run the forum) works for St Mark’s, who are working to eradicate Bowel Cancer, and so this time around we thought it would be nice to give them a bit of support for the great work they do   
Yeah that’s so rad. So what’s the details for the ride?               
Meeting up at Waterloo station at 11:30am and leaving at 12pm if anyone wants to join us!
If anyone wants to know more info they can get in touch with me or Stuart Timms who is the other guy organising this particular ride. There’s an event page on Facebook;
Or if people want to put a few quid in the charity pot there’s more info here;
Nice one, see you guys Saturday!   
Here’s the route…