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LLSB's Summer of Fundraising Update

Well what a summer that has been. Since we launched our fundraiser back in June, we have hardly stopped moving for a second. Whether it’s been pop up shops, photography events or the countless behind the scenes ongoing of a major fundraising campaign, you could hardly accuse us of not being on the ball! Now September has come, we’ve just about got 30 seconds to breathe and give you a rundown with some highlights from the summer.

LLSB x Adidas
Hardly a week after our fundraiser went live we launched our collaboration with Adidas. This went down stormingly. The opening night of photographs and music was absolutely packed out and your collective love for the collaborative shoes still has us stuffing parcels from dawn until dusk. A few weeks later we dropped the LLSB x Adidas Jackets which are still available along with just a handful of shoes over at www.llsb.com/shop.

Photo: Sam Ashley

Festivals and Pop Up Shops
Lovebox, Citadel, NASS and Boomtown; we’ve lugged the faithful LLSB table from muddy field to muddy field, speaking to thousands of you lovely folk in the process, raising money and making invaluable connections. Keep your eyes out for our Boomtown LLSB minute coming soon!

Away from the mud, we’d like to thank the Youth Club Archive, Box Park Shoreditch and Facebook’s London HQ, all of whom invited us in for pop up shops over the last 2 months. It’s all been great for the fundraising effort and we’ve managed to put on some really good events too, from film screenings to public debates on landscapes, public space and skateboarding. All of this is of course in addition to the table down at Southbank itself, where we’ve had a regular presence throughout summer, and spoken to a huge number of our keenest supporters.

Photo: Nick Constant

We’re going to keep moving around over the coming months – so keep an eye trained on our social media for all the latest news.

Sharing our story
We are lucky enough to get the chance to speak to a wide range of individuals and organisations who support our work and want to learn from our truly unique story. In July we were invited up to Bristol to give a presentation to academics about ‘Engaging Youth in Cultural Heritage’ which was met with lots of positive feedback and encouragement for our current fundraising effort. Thanks for the invite! We love talking to new people so if you think we might want to come talk at an event, drop us a line at hello@llsb.com.

Photo: Chris Chronin

Behind the Scenes
Then, as you’d imagine, there is a whole myriad of things going on behind the scenes. There are the grants and trusts that we are applying for. We are making the case as strongly as possible that this is a project of huge benefit for both the heritage and the future of the community – for the cultural integrity of London as a whole. We are speaking to donors, from the biggest to the smallest, keeping the campaign moving and showing as much gratitude we can to every supporter. Then there is the technical aspects of the build to keep on top of. The conversations with architects and engineers are as important as ever in the heat of the fundraising campaign. Our technical designs for the build are almost done, just in time for a real fundraising push in Autumn.

And of course there are the future events we are teeing up. Keep your eyes peeled for art shows, collaborations, photography projects and plenty plenty more. We are making fine progress – and with some sustained dedication, our dream is definitely within sight!

Huge thanks to all who show us support! Please keep this up, keep sharing the link to www.llsbdonate.com and your eyes peeled too. There is more news just around the corner.

Fundraiser Jam on Saturday 23rd September

Make sure you get yourself down to the Undercroft this Saturday for a fun-filled day at SB. We have a skate school for those who want to try their hand at stepping on a board and our friends at UK Slalom Skateboard Association will be setting up some cones to make the Undercroft feel like it did back in the 70s! We also have some new obstacles to skate for the best trick and demo with DJs keeping the party all day long. Come down and show your support to unlock the Undercroft.

Huge thanks for everyone’s support throughout the summer! We’ll carry on keeping you updated.

Long Live!