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LLSB at the Architecture Foundation


Last month, LLSB were invited to take part in a talk and discussion at the Architecture Foundation as part of their Culture + Commerce: Designs for a Different City series.

“Launched in part in response to the controversy surrounding the removal of the skate park from the Southbank undercroft, and the increasing elision of commerce and culture, the series asks what measures we can take to preserve the city as an affordable site for living, experimentation and cultural production.” 

Spokesperson Henry Edwards-Wood and LLSB legal representative Simon Ricketts explored the themes of intangible heritage, gentrification, the future of cities and the link between legislation and social wellbeing.


After addressing the people gathered at the event and looking at the viewpoints from both the legal and community aspects, Henry and Simon took part in the Q & A section, which proved an insightful discussion. Once again the issue of the Undercoft was the hot topic, something LLSB has become used to as all the events at which we have been invited to have attracted a lot of interest and passion from people of diverse backgrounds and interests.

While the Southbank centre continue to ignore the voice of the Undercoft community and popular public opinion, discussions like these just go to show the relevance and significance of street skateboarding culture and how it resonates with wider society.

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