Who are Long Live Southbank?

Long Live Southbank is a non-profit company set up by the grassroots Southbank community to serve in the best interest of the long term future of the Southbank Skate Spot. After preserving Southbank in 2014, Long Live Southbank authored a proposal to restore legendary sections of the spot not accessible since 2004. Working collaboratively with Southbank Centre, we have gained planning permission in partnership and are currently fundraising so that this restoration can become a reality.


Which parts of the Southbank Undercroft are you raising money for and why is it so important?

The Undercroft was discovered by skateboarders in 1973 developing into one of the most important skateboarding spots in the world, and the space in question is one of its most legendary parts. With the intention of a temporary closure, it was boarded up in 2004 and has not been skated since.


It is incredibly important, whether you skate or not. The Southbank Undercroft is a very rare free creative space in the heart of London, and this restoration will create a far more complete space for young people to develop creatively. Whether that is through skateboarding, BMX, Art, filmmaking or photography and the new activities to be launched in Southbank Centre’s Children and Young People’s HQ. it will enrich London’s cultural life, give young people positive and creative outlets and provide a much needed sense of community.


In the skateboarding world this would be of momentous importance. This space is legendary, and has been described as a ‘Mecca for UK Skateboarding’ by many. It’s restoration will no doubt see skaters from across the globe looking to London.


If I am donating, am I eligible to claim Gift Aid?

Gift Aid allows us to claim an extra 25p for every £1 you donate. To be eligible you must have paid tax in the UK over the last financial year, and have donated no more than 4 times that amount. If claiming it is really important that you write your full name, title, house name or number and postcode in the Paypal notes section, whilst you donate.


Which parts of the Southbank Undercroft can be restored and when?

In partnership with Southbank Centre, a joint planning decision will see the restoration occur in two phases. The first area to be restored includes the majority of the space that was closed in 2004, including a large part of the little bank. If our fundraising is successful, this area should be skateable in early 2018. The remainder of the Undercroft will be used by Southbank Centre as a new Schools and Young People’s HQ. The possibility of restoring the Undercroft in its entirety has been discussed with Southbank Centre, and we will look to develop the potential and possibilities in the medium to long term.


How are you going to raise the required money?

Long Live Southbank and Southbank Centre have been working hard to speak to as many people as possible, and investigate as many avenues as possible. A large amount of the money required will come through the crowdfunding page, which you can contribute to at www.llsbdonate.com. However we are also hugely grateful to have support from large private donations, grants, merchandise sales, proceeds from art shows and private fundraisers, with further events in the pipeline and plenty more to come


What are you doing to raise money transparently?

Long Live Southbank will always be transparent about our fundraising and its progress and every penny will be invested wisely. So that you can follow our progress, we will write regular blog posts at http://www.llsb.com/blog/ to detail this transparency.


What can I do to help?

If you are able to contribute financially and also encourage as many others as you wish to, to also donate, the crowdfunder at www.llsbdonate.com will be what makes the restoration possible. Some people have contacted us with ideas of setting up their own fundraisers to donate to the cause, putting on gigs or helping us organise art shows. This really helps the restoration of the Undercroft  Beyond this, spreading the word and talking about the restoration to as many people as possible and sharing our latest news on your social media channels will make a big difference


If you are also interested in volunteering with Long Live Southbank and have time that you can dedicate consistently and reliably then please email us on hello@llsb.com.


What is your relationship with Southbank Centre?

Our relationship with Southbank Centre has been growing stronger since we agreed to embark on this collaborative project. We are now partnering closely with Southbank Centre, having jointly submitted the Undercroft restoration’s planning application, and will deliver this project together. LLSB and Southbank Centre teams meet regularly as an action group, and everyone is excited about the positive outcome of this joint venture for the benefit of London and beyond.


How can I contact Long Live Southbank?

Hello@llsb.com is best.


What advice can you give to other skateboarders who have entered the world of campaigning?

Long Live Southbank has written a comprehensive article, designed to help other campaigns. This has been published by Kingpin and can be viewed here – https://kingpinmag.com/features/long-live-southbank-guide-saving-skate-spot.html, with full interviews appearing on the blog section of this website.

Long Live Southbank are committed to sharing the knowledge we have gained as widely as possible, helping others to stand up for free creative space. If you would like more advice, please do not hesitate to contact hello@llsb.com

Who should I contact if I want to make a complaint about anything related to LLSB, or return an item that I have bought?

For complaints, please email hello@llsb.com and we will endeavour to investigate your complaint within 4 working days. To return an item you can email shop@llsb.com and we will let you know the best way to proceed within 4 working days.


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