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‘LONG LIVE SOUTHBANK: An Exploration into the Skateboard Community’s Relevance to Public Space Governance in London’ by Stuart Maclure, 2016.

LLSB by Stuart Maclure
Over the past 3 years Southbank and LLSB have featured in numerous student essays and dissertations across the UK and around the globe. We’re stoked to read how an inspired generation wants to make social change.
Stuart from the University of Leeds says;


“The Long Live Southbank campaign has provided an exemplary model for the protection of public space whilst simultaneously inspiring a generation of young people to galvanize, communicate and act when threatened by development forces that prioritise profit over community. This Interdisciplinary paper adds to New Urbanist discussion and puts forward pragmatic methods to redistribute power in our cities. Drawing from interviews with LLSB members, Southbank Locals, Lambeth Council and other pillars of London’s skateboarding scene, I critique planning practices in London alongside their Act of Parliament counterparts and argue for a new paradigm which, through improving consultation and the fostering of community empowerment and social capital, prioritises culture over commerce and community over capital”. 


To read Stuart’s paper click on the image above or the link below;


‘You Can’t Move History’ by Cayla Delardi

There’s also ‘You Can’t Move History’ by Cayla Delardi, 2015, who studied at New York University and wrote her senior thesis on skateboarding and the politics of space – which she told us was actually “inspired by LLSB”!. Cayla wrote an article off of the back of her paper, you can read the article here;